Cultural Fit

The culture of an organisation is as individual as a person’s DNA.  We ensure that we are 100% in tune with your culture and any cultural variations that exist across different sites and campaigns.

We take time to observe your culture.

Some organisations have an intense energy, others are a bit more laid back.  Some are very individual performance driven, others more team orientated.  Some are driven by strict rules and guidelines, others allow customers to guide interaction.  We hire to match the specific culture of each organisation.

We embed your culture into your candidate experience.

We take your culture and embed it into every candidate experience preparing your new team members for what is ahead.  This helps energise and excite candidates even before their first day, preparing them for their new role.  This drives speed to competency, performance and retention in the first 90 days of a new team members life cycle.

How do we deliver this? We ensure our recruiters know your organisation inside out, they have visited site, met leaders and high achievers and share this experience with every single candidate. This results in every candidate knowing what it feels like to work for you, even before they start.  Our many 5* google reviews reflect how good we are at this.

We listen and review.

We get constant feedback from you and your new recruits, building a strong picture as to how they are fitting into your company and its culture.  This feedback drives change in our recruitment process to ensure we always get the best cultural fit possible.